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another numberAre you wondering if your bank is giving you their lowest rate?Are you wondering if they have your best interests at heart? Do they see you as an individual or are you just another account number?

There are over 90 lenders in the mortgage market, each with a variety of mortgage programs and unique features. With such a wide variety of products and lenders on the market it is becoming increasingly difficult for the banks to compete for mortgages.


The most notable difference is the ability for mortgage brokers to provide their client's with independent, unbiased advice specific to their situation. Since brokers have access to such an abundance of lenders and programs they are more able to carefully select a product that meets their clients' needs and goals.


But the differences don't end there. Consider the following:

  • Interest Rates: with direct access to virtually every lender in the mortgage industry, brokers are able to get the banks vying for your mortgage. This means lower rates for homeowners.
  • Specialized Knowledge: mortgage brokers study the market daily. They have a thorough understanding of all available products, rates and features. Your mortgage broker can show you how to improve your credit score and maintain your credit rating.
  • Fast, Convenient Service: one place to compare your mortgage options. Approvals in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Secure, Established Lenders: mortgage brokers deal with the same reputable, established Canadian financial institutions you are used to, in addition to some innovative broker-only lenders who offer even more attractive rates and features.

Your mortgage broker understands that you really don't want a mortgage...

you want a home!

A bank must follow certain policies and procedures, and offers limited options.

At My Better Mortgage, we take pride in making ourselves available to our clientèle. We understand that people are busy during the work-week, which is why we have no problem meeting on evenings or weekends to fit your schedule. When choosing a mortgage broker, you are choosing to establish a relationship that will increase your ability to overcome any obstacles that may arise throughout the mortgage process.

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