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With over 40 years of combined mortgage experience, Rachael (Gaston) Beemer and her team have established My Better Mortgage to bring honesty, integrity and accountability to the mortgage industry. Their motto is to help families become debt free and financially independent... and they do just that.

Rachael has a proven track record of helping families in nearly every situation ranging from saving homes that were in power of sale, negotiating more lenient terms for construction draw mortgages, beating the bank's rates, and assisting first time buyers in seizing the opportunity to become homeowners.

The services do not end there though. Rachael and her team go above and beyond the responsibilities of your typical mortgage brokers and agents. Together, they have assisted clients in negotiating settlement offers on outstanding debts; they have supported their clients through traumatic family events; assisted client's children in obtaining community hours, and they continue to provide ongoing support and assistance in all matters after your mortgage transaction is complete.

My Better Mortgage

At My Better Mortgage we provide expert, unbiased advice to home buyers as well as those looking to renew or refinance their mortgage, take out home equity, purchase investment properties, or consolidate debts.

At My Better Mortgage we embrace and drive change – we are a community of brokers and agents working with our clients towards a common goal: financial independence and debt freedom. We deliver world class service to each and every client. As a brokerage we are not tied to one specific lender, rather we work with over 90 lenders. This gives our clients access to wider range of mortgage products and unbiased advice. We provide our clients with fast, convenient service... and you won't have to sit in a bank to hear that you are approved.


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